Crisis in Cameroon!

Pastor Sone Charles

Our Situation:

There are killings and destruction in the Anglophone* regions of Cameroon (see CHRDA).   The situation is very bad.   Almost 22,000 people are now living in the bush, about 40,000 have fled to Nigeria and almost 1,000 are in government prisons.   About 100 Villages have been burned down and their people now live in the bush.   Many are killed every day; you hear gun fire every night and it is such that sometimes we sleep on the floor.   No schools are open in the two English Regions.   The economy has gone down in these two Regions to the point you can't even get food, medical help or supplies because the businesses have either been destroyed or closed down.   We are just living by the grace of God.   My wife and I have not run away from the area because I do not know where to go with my family members and the children at the Hope Center Orphanage we started; that's about 23 people in number.   But we trust God will save us.   Click on the following photos.


I want to start up a Medical Clinic to help the people that are here and those that can reach us who are living in the bush.   We have run medical clinics here at Light and Life Mission before.   I can obtain over $100,000 in medical supplies from Advocates for World Health (see the Letter I received) including 10 hospital beds and matresses, an anesthesia machine, 20 walkers, wheelchairs and IV poles, an autoclave, 5 blood pressure monitors, and more (see Sample Content List), IF we can raise the money for loading the container and cover the shipping costs, a total of $14,000.   We've already raised $400 from our friends in the U.S.   Your donation will really help our people, especially those living in the bush who now have no opportunity for medical care.   If you would like to donate to our medical supplies fund, Contact me and I will tell you how to get your donation to us safely.   God bless you.

* English Speaking

Cameroon, officially the Republic of Cameroon (French: République du Cameroun), is a country in the West Central Africa region. It is bordered by Nigeria to the West, Chad Northeast.