Letter from Pastor Sone Charles

Dear Friends of Light and Life Mission:

My wife, Florence, and I have been in the missions since the start of Light And Life Mission.   God used us to Found the Mission in 2002, near a town call Kumba, while we were Pastoring the Free Methodist World Mission in Cameroon.   I am an Ordained Pastor and a Leader of about 17 other Pastors and their Families.   I studied with Pro-Christo Global Mission South, Visa University in Egypt and John Wesley Bible School.   We have been proclaiming the gospel of God with the power of God through healing, deliverance, training the disadvantaged people, helping women make a difference and planting Churches in the different areas.   Blessed Florence and I have a passion to see lives improved and to see that poverty is broken in the lives of men, women and children in our community.   We have a Divine mandate to make and impart changes in the lives of those whom others in the world have not regarded.

You can join with us in this battle and let us build together to see lives improved and to bring joy to the World around us.

Rev. Pastor Sone Charles